Rebel without a cause


9 responses to “Rebel without a cause”

  1. betunada Avatar

    could “transparent” be my colour?

    1. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

      Perhaps, but be careful about small children. Not even emporers can get away with transparent in front of small children.

      1. betunada Avatar

        you are correct. i tried my transparent suit and the naybore-hoodly children stopped, pointed, and ran away laughing. and i ain’t no MMMperrrorrr …

  2. Spoken Like A True Nut Avatar

    Person: “I don’t like that style of dress on you either.”
    Me: *goes back to store and buys out entire stock of dress, wears dress every day until eventual death, is buried in dress*

    1. betunada Avatar

      spoakN like a troo knudt !

  3. sjvernon Avatar

    I wear clothes so as not to be naked. That’s it. Well, and I don’t like itchy constrictive stuff… but otherwise, it’s mostly for the benefit of others to not see me naked. You’re welcome! :)

      1. sjvernon Avatar

        I figure the world owes me for doing them this kindness daily! :)

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