Things To Do

I'm sitting at a computer desk. Grey-me shows up and says: "Hey! Just a quick reminder that you're worthless! Also, no one really likes you ... they're just tolerating you to be nice!" In the next panel Grey-me says "What do you think about that?" I do not respond.

I say: "...yeah... I've got things to do ... sooooo..." and reach for headphones. Next panel, Grey me-says: "You can't ignore me." but cartoon me puts on the headphones and music notes appear. In the final panel, there cartoon me is happily working and there are so many musical notes that grey-me is almost blotted out, though you can just make out her saying "No! Fuck you! Argue with me!"


Ten years ago I was diagnosed with depression (although I believe I had it much longer—from way back in my childhood). I started medication and went to therapy. It took a really long time and lots of two-steps-forward-one-step-backs, but a couple of years ago I reached a point where I didn’t need medication to be mentally and emotionally okay.

Since my three miscarriages, the depression has been trying to wiggle back into the cracks. Fortunately, thanks to everything I learnt over the last ten years, I am much better at holding it off. 

Eat your meds and stay in therapy, kids!

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11 responses to “Things To Do”

  1. memadtwo Avatar

    It’s hard to learn to disengage. I’m still working on it. (K)

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      It is very hard. I surprise myself when I actually pull it off. Good luck with it.

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  2. romcomdojo Avatar

    Wise words. Keep on keepin’ on, Lucy. I know your posts always bring a smile to my day!

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  3. Arionis Avatar

    Wow, your comic here really hit me in the feels. I started suffering from depression about 7 years ago. I came from a culture of manly men that didn’t talk about their feelings, so I didn’t know what to do. I ended up writing a post about it here

    I’m really glad to hear you are mostly able to hold the BID D at bay. I’m also happy to say that in the following years since I wrote that post I finally overcame my anxiety enough to ask for help, and am now on medication and doing much better.

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Thank you for commenting. I’m so glad you got to a place you could ask for help and get it! That was an amazing post, and made me think of this (just a quick joke) I did I while back …

      Also I just followed you on Twitter. (It’s totally valid to find that place overwhelming. Since 2016 the US politics tweets mess with my mental health, too, and I’m Australian.)


      1. Arionis Avatar

        Ha Ha! That was awesome!

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  4. Jay Avatar

    For what it’s worth coming from an internet stranger, I like you. <3
    And well done on ignoring what depression has to say! She's a nasty b**** :)
    Hope you're having a good weekend!

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Thank you! That’s worth a lot. <3


      1. Jay Avatar

        My pleasure! <3

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