I am a thirty-ish Australian writer/illustrator who owns a cat and never quite grew out of liking dinosaurs. I sometimes have depression and always have anxiety. In 2014 I became so unwell with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia that I spent two years mostly housebound. Since 2017 I have had four miscarriages.

Silence Killed the Dinosaurs is an ever-growing collection of stories about my life illustrated with comics. My main topic is coping with life. Or, if we’re all being honest, not coping with life. I think this is the more common state of being. In fact, I strongly suspect that coping with life is just a myth we use to coax ourselves to stop watching internet cat videos and do something useful (but unpleasant) like submitting job applications or folding fitted sheets. In reality, coping with life is just your dad in a funny costume not even coping with the pillow shoved down his front.

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