I write stories about life and illustrate them with comics. Sometimes I just do shorter comics that aren’t part of a story. Sometimes the whole story is a comic.

The main topic of Silence Killed the Dinosaurs is coping with life. Or, to use a more accurate phrase, not coping with life. I think this is a common state of being for most people. In fact, I strongly suspect that people who can cope with life are just myths we use to coax ourselves to stop watching internet cat videos and do something useful (but unpleasant) like finding a suitable job or folding fitted sheets. In reality these people are all just your dad in a funny costume not even coping with the pillow shoved down his front.

Sometimes I write about my experiences with depression and anxiety (which have followed me most of my life) or what it’s like living with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia (which I was diagnosed with in 2014 and subsequently spent 2 years mostly housebound).

I try to be funny, even with the illness stuff. Sometimes I succeed.

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Here is an image from a previous iteration of my about page. It doesn’t really make sense now, but I still like it and why not?