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I’ve never been someone who makes a fuss over Valentine’s Day, but last year it just happened to be the day I got my contraceptive device removed. My partner and I had wine with dinner—what I planned to be my last glass in long time—and we were happy.

This is the story of the year that followed.

A quick note of warning: none of this is supposed to be medical advice. It’s just what happened to me. And there’s a lot to get through. So sit back, get comfy, pour yourself a glass of wine—ha! Kidding. If your bits are involved in baby making it’s best if you stop drinking. Yep, even if you’re the one bringing the tadpoles to the table. You think that’s rough? My sweet summer child, this is only just the beginning…

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  • Lucy Ruins Everything And Says Fuck A Lot

    You may have noticed that my website looks a little different. Well, I’ve been thinking for a while I should jazz it up, and I was sifting through WordPress themes to see what my options were and think about what I was going to do. I figured, with a chronic illness and a one-year-old in the picture, it would be best to plan meticulously, get everything I needed drawn, written and organised over a few weeks, and then pull it all together quickly and painlessly. Like a professional. I’m sure you can guess the general direction this is going…

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