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  • Danger Boob. Breastfeeding Part 2

    Danger Boob. Breastfeeding Part 2

    I did not think I was the sort of person to give their boobs nicknames until I breastfed, but then each of them developed its own personality quirks and method of trying to kill me or my baby.

  • Toilet Adventures

    Toilet Adventures

    This is, I regret to inform you, based on not just one true story but many.

  • Shaved My Legs

    Shaved My Legs

    No, really, what makes you say that. I wear jeans a lot more these days. And leggings. Leggings are the best invention possibly ever. Technology peaked at stretch fabric.

  • Holidays are Over

    Holidays are Over

    ‘I’ll just give myself a little break over Christmas,’ I said. ‘I’ll get right back into the swing of things straight away,’ I said. ‘Relaxing is a good thing,’ I said.

  • The Star

    The Star

    Merry Catmas to all who observe!

  • Got Milk? Breastfeeding Part 1

    Got Milk? Breastfeeding Part 1

    Nothing can prepare you for waking up in the soft, glowy morning after having your first child—that one in the little plastic-walled bassinet next to your bed, wrapped up like an angelic bug in a hospital baby blanket—to the brick-wall reality that you are definitely already doing everything wrong…

  • True Crime

    True Crime

    What podcasts do you listen to?

  • The Bird

    The Bird

    Betrayed by my own blood.

  • Unexpected Things Babies Like

    Unexpected Things Babies Like

    I completely expected for them to like power points, grabbing the cat’s tail and throwing themselves from heights. I knew about those things. Following a crawling baby around stopping her from repeatedly headbutting every solid object she came across was not something I expected to be doing at all, let alone often.

  • Double Standards

    Double Standards

    It’s okay everyone, I’m in therapy, therefore this can be read as socially-acceptable self-deprecating snippet of entertainment and not a poor attempt to muffle the scream for constant validation that bubbles up inside me in ever smaller intervals that I am slowly becoming aware will never, ever be sated.