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A Quick Doodle

2 panels. In the first, cartoon-Lucy approaches her desk where there is a sketchbook and pens. She says "I'll just do a quick doodle for fun". Panel 2: Text says "12 hours later...' Cartoon-Lucy now looks tired and stressed. Bunched up pieces of paper with scribbles on them mound up all over the desk. Lucy is typing on her phone saying "why ... are ... horses' ... knees ... wrong ... and ... how ... dare ... they"


I’ve been doing a lot more non-comics art lately. I’ve always liked doodling when I feel stressed or tired, but now I’ve started making these doodle-designs into repeating patterns. Although I actually haven’t drawn any horses for the patterns yet (I have drawn horses before, so I know the pain), I’ve been falling down a number of other artist rabbit holes that keep pushing out what I expect to be a quick, fun job.

Also, so you know, I’ve set up some social media accounts called Lu Repeating to showcase the patterns and doodles. I don’t have a wordpress website for it, but If you’re on social media and interesting in seeing them, you can on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (I’m not on TikTok so far because I am apparently too old to understand it). Lu Repeating is very different to my comics and writing here, so really do not feel obligated. Just if you’re interested.

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(By the way, horses’ knees are wrong because they’re actually their ankles.)