Tag: living with chronic illness

  • Of Chronic Illness and Unicorns

    Life is like riding on a magical flying unicorn. Getting a chronic illness is like that unicorn getting a puncture or losing an engine or something. Okay, that didn’t make a lot of sense. I originally devised this analogy with a hot air balloon, but then I thought about how fun it would be to […]

  • How to Get a Cat: An Illustrated Guide

    For the last couple of years, I have sat at home all day alone. Chronic illness can do that to you. It hasn’t been too bad, really. I don’t live alone, so I have company for non-working hours, and some wonderful friends and family members visit and take me out on my good days. A […]

  • I have a friend with an autoimmune disease, and I need your help.

    I have a friend with an autoimmune disease. For anyone unfamiliar with how autoimmune diseases work and why having one sucks, it’s basically when all your white blood cells and other bits and pieces of your immune system are over-enthusiastic action-movie heroes who think ‘destroy everything’ is a mandatory step in the process of saving […]

  • “Be Positive”: As helpful as the Microsoft Paperclip

    And who wants to be like the Microsoft paperclip? I have chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs). One day in March last year I came home from university placement feeling drowning-tired and crawled into bed expecting to sleep all weekend and be better by Monday. That was over a year ago, and I’m still waiting for that […]