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Comic page with 3 panels. In the first, Lucy sits are her desk in front of her laptop. A scanner with a piece of paper poking out is also on the desk. She taps a key and says '... and ... scan!'. Panel 2: a window lights up red with an exclamation mark on the scanner. A sound effect rendered as *Beep* can be seen over the scanner. Panel 3: Lucy rushes around, arms flailing, at the laptop and the scanner, saying '... off... on again ... and scan!'
Comic with 7 panels, two smallish ones on the top row, three small ones in the middle row, and two smallish ones on the bottom row. Top row 1/2, close up of the scanner with a red window and exclamation mark with *Beep* in red. 2/2 same close up view of the scanner. A speech bubble saying 'What if I...' is visible coming from off-stage. The scanner screen-window lights up red with an exclamation mark and a red *Beep* sound effect. Middle row 1/3: Same format. Speech bubble: 'How about now?' Scanner goes *beep*, the screen lights up red and this time has a skull image displayed. 2/3 Speech bubble: 'Now?' Scanner, red *beep* and red screen with a biohazard symbol. 3/3 Speech bubble: 'Please?' scanner, red *beep*, screen red with a nuclear hazard symbol. Bottom row. In the background of both panels is a long, drawn out scream rendered as 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhggguuuurrrrrrggggrrrr' devolving into scribbling. The background of these panels is red. 1/2, scanner red *beep*, screen red with dinosaur image. 2/2 Scanner red *beep*, screen with a rubber duck image.
Comic page with 3 panels. Panel 1. Lucy is slumped over her desk, face on the keyboard of her laptop, tapping a key half-heartedly. The scanner goes *beep!* in green and the screen lights up green with a tick on it. Panel 2: Lucy raises her head, disbelieving, and says '... but I did nothing different!'. Panel 3: view inside the scanner. A demon in red with horns and a pointy tail sits in a computer chair at a workstation with buttons and screens. On the wall in front of them, a light displaying the words 'SCAN REQUESTED' is lit up. There is a large green button with a Y and a large red button with an N in front of the demon. The demon is holding a magic 8 ball that displays the result 'all signs point to yes', and is saying 'Eh. Okay.' and pressing the big green Y button.


Ah, the joys of being a digital artist.

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