Chronic Fatigue Adventures: Starting the Day






6 responses to “Chronic Fatigue Adventures: Starting the Day”

  1. Julia Avatar

    Oh yes, I can can relate to that. Sometimes even the thought of opening my eyes makes me feel exhausted :)


  2. Adjusting the Perspective on Pain | Fibromy-Awesome Avatar

    […] The kitchen is super close to the living room and my couch, and so sometimes I have to make a stop-off there first, which is perfectly portrayed in this cartoon by another blogger with CFS.  […]


  3. Mary Gelpi Avatar

    Hey homie, thought you may want to sign and help share this campaign.. It asks the NIH for increased funding toward CFS research… Our best bet at a cure. Sign here, and from one CFSer to another.. Hang tough!

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    1. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

      I signed! I’m not sure mow much good my name will be as I’m Australian and as such am probably a bit irrelevant to your government’s decision-making process, but any legit cfs research anywhere is obviously worth supporting so I gave it a shot.

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      1. Mary Gelpi Avatar

        Thanks dude. Every signature counts.. Even DownUnder ones :)

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  4. Marius Avatar

    In fact it is a kinda sad. Life is going fast anyway.

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