Four panels. In the first panel, I enter a room covering in wall to ceiling bookshelves. I'm holding a bag that says "books" on it. A dinosaur says, "Don't you have enough books?" Second Panel: I am walking up a spiral staircase made of books. Third panel: I reach the top and the night sky can be seen through unfinished bookshelves. Fourth Panel (large picture): from outside you see I am standing on the top of a tower reaching up into space. I say "Not yet".


Got any book recommendations for me? I love fun and am partial to fantasy, but I’m basically omnivorous. I’m always particularly on the look out for books written by women, POC (esp WOC) and LGBTQIA+ folks.

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34 responses to “Books”

  1. Wilt Avatar

    Signature of All Things – Elizabeth Gilbert
    Manhattan Beach – Jennifer Egan
    enjoyed both immensely.

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Excellent! I haven’t read either. They go on my list.

  2. bonnieknowsbest Avatar

    Have you read ‘It’s Ok to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too)’ by Nora McInerny Purmort?
    I love her podcast ‘Terrible Thanks For Asking’ too, which is how I found the book. The podcast deals with life’s curveballs and how we respond. Equal parts hilarious and hopeful. The book follows suit.
    Anyway I highly recommend both!

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      I haven’t read that! (or listened to her podcast. I’m afraid I’m bad at podcasts. I mean to get into them, but then I just don’t). It’s on my list now. Thank you!

  3. albertlearningstoryblog Avatar

    Anne Bishop-The Others Series
    Tomi Adeyemi-The Legacy of Orïsha Series

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Nice! I’ll add Anne Bishop. I already have the Tomi Adeyemi books on my read list (though I haven’t reached them yet).

  4. itsmayurremember Avatar

    Have you read books from Nnedi Okorafor? She is a POC and her books are filled with POCs. She is pretty great

    I don’t know which books you have read to suggest more

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Nnedi Okorafor is fantastic! I have read the Binti series and Lagoon. Who Fears Death is on my list (I mean, I’ll read anything she writes at this point, so it’s all on my list, but Who Fears Death is the one of hers I want to tackle next).

      It can be hard recommending books out of the blue for people. I’m just really interested in hearing people’s suggestions.

      1. itsmayurremember Avatar

        N.K Jemisin is amazing as well. I have read and loved her inheritance trilogy.

        1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

          Yes she is! I haven’t read her Inheritance trilogy (yet! I absolutely will!), but her Broken Earth trilogy blew me away.

          1. itsmayurremember Avatar

            Inheritance was amazing. There were so many things there that I have never even thought about before

  5. Accidental Spacegirl Avatar

    You’re like me with books – you need a TARDIS to fit them in (my bookcases are basically the floor of almost every room because the actual bookcases are full)!

    I have several suggestions – a couple of which are indy authors who I happen to know.

    Speak Its Name by Kathleen Jowitt: Kath’s a bisexual Christian who took her own struggle with her sexuality within the church environment and turned it into a quite powerful story that reflects further on the subject (I reviewed it for her; not being at all religious I expected to find it heavy going, but I absolutely couldn’t put it down).

    Small Gods by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett: basically an angel and a demon have to grudgingly team up while on earth. Very funny, and there’s Queen’s Greatest Hits in it.

    The Miss Peregrine series by Ransom Riggs: This is really YA fiction, but it’s actually fantastic and the books contain beautifully strange photos from the Victorian era.

    Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman: You’ll never want to leave London Below either, and one of the main characters is a delightfully flamboyant POC.

    The Mythidria Chronicles by William Cash: Another indy author friend; sci-fi/fantasy with a love story in it. Filled with emotions, too – I laughed, I cried, and at one point I was so upset that I threw the book down, sobbed, and couldn’t pick it up for a week (but that was in the good sort of way).

    Anything by Sir Terry Pratchett, especially the Discworld series.

    I also enjoy Doctor Who novels, which comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody who knows me! If I think of anyhthing else, I’ll let you know :)

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      I absolutely love Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman! Thank you for all those suggestions! I’m aware of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, but I haven’t read it (yet). I’m not religious either, but Speak Its Name sounds interesting. I like tying out indie authors, so I’ll give the Mythidria book a shot sometime too!

      1. Accidental Spacegirl Avatar

        I’m sure Kath would love to know what you think of Speak Its Name – she’s a good friend of mine (she and her husband were at my wedding) and I do try to promote her writing where I can. William is working on book two of Mythidria, and there’s me all “Come ON, I want to know what happens next!” lol.

        You may also be interested in “The Long Lost Future” by another friend of mine – Ian Cattell. It’s rather Douglas Adams-ish and very funny :)

        1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

          That one sounds cool too!

  6. Pistachios Avatar

    Out of curiosity, can I ask why you’re drawn to books with female/POC/LGBT etc authors? I try to read more from female authors because I know my book collection is predominantly by male authors (although some male authors write really good female protagonists), and I like reading stories based in other cultures because I reckon I could learn something from doing so. Is it something similar for you?

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Pretty much the same reason you try to read more female authors. Those groups of people still tend to be underrepresented in the literary world (not so much women in genres such as romance or ‘chick lit’, of course, but then the those genres tend to get an undeserved reputation as sub-par). And there are still lots of people out there who flat out refuse to pick up a book by a woman or by a POC or which has LGBTQIA+ characters/themes. I noticed a couple of years ago that even though I didn’t think I harbored any conscious bias, I still had more white cis het men on my shelves than any other demographic. I’ve been trying to get more of a balance ever since.

      And doing that has been great. I grew up as a boyish-girl, not really feeling represented or like I fit properly. Now I’m finding more and more books that I feel at home in.

      1. Pistachios Avatar

        No wonder your book collection keeps growing so much – gotta get the balance / variety right! I think it’s admirable that you’re trying to read more broadly :)

  7. PatchworkKat Avatar

    I don’t know if you’d be interested in my book, but I wrote a memoir about my recovery from an abusive relationship, and subsequent PTSD. It’s sort of a self discovery piece. I can share the link if you’d like to read more into it. :)

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Throw me the link and I’ll add it to my list!

      No promises on *when* I’ll get round to it, though. I read quite a lot, but my To Read list is very big and constantly growing, and though I read memoirs from time to time they’re not my go-to thing.

      (This applies to all suggestions made, of course, but since yours is personal I don’t want you to feel like I’m ignoring it if I don’t rush out and get your book today).

      1. PatchworkKat Avatar

        No problem! I understand memoirs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I appreciate the consideration even if you don’t get around to it. :)

        Here’s the link:

  8. The little green dragon Avatar

    I’m guessing you haven’t gotten to Kate Forsyth’s – The Witches of Eileanan series yet?

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Half way through! A lovely friend gifted me the books. I’ve been rationing them, reading one every couple of months between other books (a couple of the themes–e.g., miscarriage–hit a little too close to home for me just now for me to binge-read them). They’re really amazing!

  9. Verónica Avatar

    If you haven’t read So Long a Letter, i highly recommend it. It was published in 1979. The book is semi-autobiographical written by the Senegalese writer Mariama Bâ.

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Sounds great (haven’t read it before)! Thank you.

  10. theworldofme Avatar

    I am an absolute sucker for biographies, it is what I read the most. I also read political thrillers.

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Those are probably my least-read genres (aside from poetry) :P

      (though it’s not that I *never* read them)

  11. queenpea77 Avatar

    I just finished reading When I Hit You by Meena Kandasamy which is very good. And if you don’t mind me shamlessly plugging my blog, I review a lot of books by writers of colour especially women, so feel free to to drop by and get some inspiration 😊

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      I’ll put that one on my list! (And I have followed you!)

      1. queenpea77 Avatar

        Thank you! 😃

  12. oftheicebox Avatar

    I’m totally psyched by these recommendations and reappropriating them all for my goodreads list.

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Yes! Read the books!

  13. groovyglasses Avatar

    I have some good books I can highly recommend. I just read “The Beatiful Side of Everything” by Ashley Woodfolk, I should have a review up very soon, its an excellent read. “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline is badass. I’m in the middle of reading “Wintersong” by S. Jae Jones and its fantastic so far. Hows that?

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Excellent! Thank you! I’ll add those all to my list!

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