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  • A Quick Doodle

    A Quick Doodle

    I’ve been doing a lot more non-comics art lately. I’ve always liked doodling when I feel stressed or tired, but now I’ve started making these doodle-designs into repeating patterns. Although I actually haven’t drawn any horses for the patterns yet (I have drawn horses before, so I know the pain), I’ve been falling down a…

  • Refill


    This is about creativity, which I firmly believe is green. However, it can be about other things too if you like.

  • About the Fish

    About the Fish

    You might be wondering about the fish. It’s not what it looks like. Or maybe it is—I don’t know what it looks like out of context. Either way, I can explain. A couple of months ago, I got a bit angsty-artist and decided I needed to do something productive and sensible to make my job…

  • How to View Your Own Work (tips for creators)

    How to View Your Own Work (tips for creators)

    Look at it. Hold your face on. HOLD IT.