I am working at my desk, writing with a green pen. There is also green in my body. Text says "sometimes ...". In the next panel I stop writing, the green is gone. I hold the pen up and tap it. Text says "I run out of ink". I am no longer at my desk. In the final panel I am walking on the green grass, listening to green music. The text says "and have to refill"


This is about creativity, which I firmly believe is green.  However, it can be about other things too if you like.

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13 thoughts on “Refill

  1. I run out of colour quite a lot, so I’m glad my refill is within a handful of minutes drive for me.

    It’s actually quite sad, I think, that so many people live in places where being able to access nature is a planned daytrip or more away, something for a special break or holiday. Some profess to love a city life but that much concrete and traffic and stimulation would empty my colour instantly. Even parks feel like they’re a reluctant afterthought to the busy busy money spinning (yes, that was meant to be two busy’s…) going on elsewhere.

    Anyway, country boy perspective. Carry on.

    1. I don’t *only* recharge around nature. I find walking (when illness allows) and taking in other creative stuff (e.g., listening to music, reading, going somewhere new) helpful too.

      That said, nature is just … good. Plants are soothing. I love being around them. I spent a few years living in a (not very big) city, and I didn’t hate it, in fact I liked plenty about it, but DANG I missed horizons. Underrated phenomenon, horizons.

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