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  • Double Standards

    Double Standards

    It’s okay everyone, I’m in therapy, therefore this can be read as socially-acceptable self-deprecating snippet of entertainment and not a poor attempt to muffle the scream for constant validation that bubbles up inside me in ever smaller intervals that I am slowly becoming aware will never, ever be sated.

  • Forward


    Wow 2020 sucks hey. Generally for everyone in the entire world, it seems. My personal suckitude began in November 2019 when I had my fourth consecutive miscarriage, and then continued as I evacuated from bushfires threatening my home, watched the rest of my country burn on the news, visited the ED for a sudden and…

  • Refill


    This is about creativity, which I firmly believe is green. However, it can be about other things too if you like.

  • Something Insignificant

    Something Insignificant

    I have thought about writing a follow-up to ‘Expecting’ dealing with the aftermath of my third miscarriage, but I haven’t. I’ve tried several times. But it’s proved too emotional, and then I realised…

  • Life and Blanket Forts

    Life and Blanket Forts

    So that’s me right now. How are you all doing?

  • Space


    I think this is for all the people in my life who have understood that things are Not Okay right now. These people have rolled with it when I’ve cancelled plans at the last minute…

  • In Defence of Mini Marshmallows

    In Defence of Mini Marshmallows

    This being the internet, I recently got into an argument with a blogger about the best marshmallows to put in hot chocolate. In her corner, giant marshmallows; in mine, mini…

  • Of Chronic Illness and Unicorns

    Of Chronic Illness and Unicorns

    Life is like riding on a magical flying unicorn. Getting a chronic illness is like that unicorn getting a puncture or losing an engine or something…

  • How to View Your Own Work (tips for creators)

    How to View Your Own Work (tips for creators)

    Look at it. Hold your face on. HOLD IT.

  • Functional Adulthood

    Functional Adulthood

    Some days are good days. I leap out of bed and I do all the tasks I am supposed to do. I am excited about budgeting, space-saving storage solutions and petrol discounts. I can feel the progress I make towards my sensible, well-thought-out life goals. It’s the closest I get to being one of those…