Loud Noises

2 panels. First panel, text reads: 'Something no one warned me about babies...' while a cartoon me holds a cartoon baby. A small green fart cloud comes out of my behind, reading 'parp', and I say "Whoops! Sorr--". Panel 2. An enormous green-shading-to-dripping-brown fart cloud reading 'PAAAARRRRRRBBBB--"and turning into a messy scribble comes out of the baby's behind. I look shocked. Text reads: '... is how loudly they fart and poo.'


Yes, that is an accurate depiction of the hair she was born with. And fart volume she can achieve. I will have to get used to being outdone.

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12 thoughts on “Loud Noises

  1. Or how amused they are by their farting and pooing. . . .

    Hope you’re having the time of your life! It is a most astounding journey to travel.

    1. She’s not at a level of awareness to be amused by farts yet (though once she did fart suddenly and loudly enough to startle herself and she cried).

      I am enjoying myself immensely.

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