Where do you get your ideas?



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23 thoughts on “Where do you get your ideas?

  1. My problem is, as more ideas come to the fore, the drawing quality, such as it is, goes down! I need to hire an ‘ink slave’.
    Scandalous ankles! Rolling on the floor (after putting some napkins down) laughing.

  2. Haha. Solution #1 Evolution… the sharks have evolved to breath air. Think about Marvel and DC and well everything science fiction-y: evolution, mutation, genetic modification is ALWAYS the answer!

    Solution #2 get small people (also known as children) to do your creative processes for you ;)

    Obviously though, the Steampunk Velociraptors archnemesis would either have to be Cyber Rat (i.e. mammal outlives dinosaurs i.e. computers outlives steam) or a dinosaur angry at being shunned from the rest of society because of its ugliness, but really its only ugly because it was put together wrong by an amateur palaeontologist like the Crystal Palace iguanodons! ;)

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