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I’m back!

I have returned from my honeymoon in New Zealand! This means that I will be responding to comments and creating new content again.

Before you ask, no, I didn’t bring you back anything.

I’m sorry.

I find buying souvenirs for people weirdly stressful. I keep overthinking it. The gift should be something nice to receive, not too tacky, but also something that relates to the place you visited or what’s the point? After several shops worth of cognitive overload, I decided I would only get things for immediate family members and that they would all get socks. And I felt much better. (Spoiler alert for family, your future involves having fabulously-attired, toasty-warm feet.)

Also yes, I enjoyed the trip. It was non-stop this:cosmic kiwi

There’s an extra joke in that picture for those who already know I spent the entire time taking photos of my partner when he was taking photos of things. This amused me a great deal more than it should have; I ended up with 191 photos of him with his face behind a camera. My favourite ones are of him in awkward photo-taking poses such as climbing a fence for a better view or chasing a particularly photogenic duck.

But hey. Now that we’re married the paperwork required to ditch me probably isn’t quite worth it, which frees me up to be more cavalier with irritating jokes that go on way, way too long.

I think I will enjoy married life.