I’m back!

I have returned from my honeymoon in New Zealand! This means that I will be responding to comments and creating new content again.

Before you ask, no, I didn’t bring you back anything.

I’m sorry.

I find buying souvenirs for people weirdly stressful. I keep overthinking it. The gift should be something nice to receive, not too tacky, but also something that relates to the place you visited or what’s the point? After several shops worth of cognitive overload, I decided I would only get things for immediate family members and that they would all get socks. And I felt much better. (Spoiler alert for family, your future involves having fabulously-attired, toasty-warm feet.)

Also yes, I enjoyed the trip. It was non-stop this:cosmic kiwi

There’s an extra joke in that picture for those who already know I spent the entire time taking photos of my partner when he was taking photos of things. This amused me a great deal more than it should have; I ended up with 191 photos of him with his face behind a camera. My favourite ones are of him in awkward photo-taking poses such as climbing a fence for a better view or chasing a particularly photogenic duck.

But hey. Now that we’re married the paperwork required to ditch me probably isn’t quite worth it, which frees me up to be more cavalier with irritating jokes that go on way, way too long.

I think I will enjoy married life.

23 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. i sort of hope you sort of enjoy sort of married life. if you enjoid “it” toooo mut!sch, you might not be as poignant and (usually) “fun” as a writer/cartoonist. just a lidd’l bit of anguish.

    moovin’ awn: precious? was HE stalking you? (heh …)
    “my kids” spent SIX WEEKS in n.z., just after they accompanied B ‘n me on our (it seemed long to us!) TWO-week vacation sumwear else. they, uh, snapfish?d up a lotta foe-toes ‘n such.

    hey! i need new sox !

  2. This is all so exciting!!! Married?! Honeymoon?! NEW ZEALAND?! I’m so stoked for you. Did you smuggle any kiwi’s back for me? (And yes, I DO mean cute New Zealand boys. Not the fruit. But that’s awesome too. I’d take that as well. Just not as enthusiastically. Somewhere along the way this started getting all euphemismy and I don’t do real well with those so I’m just gonna stop before I say something embarrassing without even realizing it. If you’re still reading this comment you deserve a medal.)

    1. I’m waiting for my medal.

      Sorry. No smuggled kiwis, either kind. Turns out it’s frowned upon to smuggle cute boys, even if the boy in question is fine with it. Customs frown even harder when it comes to smuggled fruit.

  3. Yeah, when I travel you are getting something edible that ONLY THAT PLACE HAS. If I am going to buy something you can get in our hometown, what’s the point, right? So…when we went to Arizona we brought back Jalapeno Chocolate bars. They were shitty, but I thought of you when I was gone. Here’s proof.

    1. Yes! And usually I would go with edible as the solution too, but that’s tricky with international travel because customs. Customs adds far too much stress to souvenir buying.

      (I love chilli in chocolate and jalapeño chocolate bars sound like an amazing gift to me)

  4. Congratulations on getting married!!! Sorry I am so behind on my congratulations! Did you have a wonderful day? I hope so. How did you cope health wise? Hope you loved New Zealand.

    1. Thank you! I did have a wonderful day and New Zealand was fantastic!

      I coped well with my health–partly because I got crazy lucky and it happened to be a really good health day with above-average stamina (not the case for the preceding days, so I was very, very lucky). I still made sure I spent lots of time sitting down and all the little adjustments (same venue for everything, chairs everywhere, laid back morning, wearing flats etc) paid off. I was dead for the next few days, but it was worth it.

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