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  • Easter for Sadists, Part 2

    Easter for Sadists, Part 2

    So yeah. When I originally came up with the Cunning Plan, I did not expect that for Phase 3, the most important phase, the climax, the culmination of years of mildly-sadistic daydreaming, the bit that involved a lot of heavy lifting, that I would be …

  • Easter for Sadists

    Easter for Sadists

    Easter is here, and that means it’s time for my two favourite things—excessive chocolate consumption and crushing my loved ones under the sheer weight of my competitive pettiness. I probably need to explain that last one…

  • His Comic

    His Comic

    He was very determined, so I gave it to him.

  • Toast Speaking

    Toast Speaking

    The pressure of living with someone as hilarious as me gets to him sometimes.

  • Expecting


    I’ve never been someone who makes a fuss over Valentine’s Day, but last year it just happened to be the day I got my contraceptive device removed. My partner and I had wine with dinner—what I planned to be my last glass in long time—and we were happy. This is the story of the year…

  • Of Chronic Illness and Unicorns

    Of Chronic Illness and Unicorns

    Life is like riding on a magical flying unicorn. Getting a chronic illness is like that unicorn getting a puncture or losing an engine or something…

  • Real Life Horror Story

    Real Life Horror Story

    There was a storm. We took cover as it tore through the world…

  • Boxes

  • I’m back!

    I’m back!

    I have returned from my honeymoon in New Zealand! This means that I will be responding to comments and creating new content again. Before you ask, no, I didn’t bring you back anything. I’m sorry. I find buying souvenirs for people weirdly stressful. I keep overthinking it. The gift should be something nice to receive, not…