His Comic

3 panels. First panel, I am working at my desk and my partner comes in and says "Would you like a cool drink?" I say "Sure. Why not?" Second panel: I am working at my desk. Third panel: Partner returns holding sunglasses in front of a glass. I do not react.

3 panels. First panel: My partner says "eh? eh? eg?" I still do not react. Second panel: Partner continues to wait for reaction. Third panel: Partner says, "you should make this into a comic"


He was very determined, so I gave it to him.

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9 responses to “His Comic”

  1. The Hinoeuma Avatar

    Persistent fellow…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bryntin Avatar

    Mrs Bryntin would have just beat me about the head with whatever she was holding at the time, which is why I don’t make silly jokes like that when she’s knitting or chopping veg.

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Considering I do this to him too, I figure turn about is fair play.

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  3. Val Avatar

    Haha! Very good. (But his drink and shades need a sunhat. Tell him. ;-) )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

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