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8 responses to “Bath”

  1. Pistachios Avatar

    Hahaha this reminded me of a friend of mine who said her mother’s cure for everything is “drink more water and go to bed early”

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  2. Arionis Avatar

    Ha! My Dad’s go to phrases were “Just rub some dirt on it” or “Walk it off”.

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  3. wiltdidit Avatar

    Sigh, this is why when they choose who gets to live on Mars, once Earth becomes a toxic unlivable tip, we artists will be WAAAY down that list. :-)

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar
  4. wiltdidit Avatar

    I know CPR though no one’s had any medical issues near me for years :-(

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  5. travelanddesign70524789 Avatar

    Well, this is pretty amazing and beautiful post. Illustrations are amazingly beautiful. More power to you.


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