For Crimes Against the English Language

Three panels. First panel: several crows are having a raging house party. Second panel: The police arrive, saying "Police! You're all under arrest for murder!" Third panel: A crow says "You can't arrest people based on word play!" to a cop, who is approached by another copy holding a note saying "Sir! You need to see this!" ... comic continues in next image.Three panels. First panel. The note is held up, it says "Hey neighbours! We'll be throwing a party tomorrow night. There will be music, so why not join us instead of sitting at home listening!" and the cop exclaims "My God! It was premeditated!" Second panel: crow is being handcuffed, says, "This isn't legal." and the cop says "Tell it to the judge." Third panel. The judge is a kangaroo, saying "Super, super guilty!" and banging a gavel. The crows goes ugh.


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9 responses to “For Crimes Against the English Language”

  1. tara caribou Avatar

    AHAHAHA!! I just laughed a bit too loud at this. 😆

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  2. Bryntin Avatar

    Has ‘a chortle of chuckles’.

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  3. Wolf of Words Avatar
  4. betunada Avatar

    never gnu about the groop naim ’til that moovy came out ~

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  5. romcomdojo Avatar

    Love this one so much!!

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  6. Murder | Silence Killed The Dinosaurs Avatar

    […] Sometimes when I have a comic idea, it arrives with multiple variations. Sometimes I want to draw more than one of them. This was one of those times. (The other one is here). […]


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