Three panels. First panel, three crows are sitting on a couch eating pizza. Second panel, the police burst open the door saying "You're all under arrest for murder!" and a crow says "This is police harassment!" Third panel, they are in court. A lawyer says "As the CCTV footage clearly shows..." and a screen shows the crows shooting someone. One crow says, "Oh, *that* murder!" another says "Yeah, fair cop."


Sometimes when I have a comic idea, it arrives with multiple variations. Sometimes I want to draw more than one of them. This was one of those times. (The other one is here).

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13 responses to “Murder”

  1. I Survived Pret A Manger Avatar
    I Survived Pret A Manger

    The first one was better.


  2. tara caribou Avatar

    I can’t say which I liked better because they both made me chuckle lol

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  3. UpOnTheShelf Avatar

    I liked them both!

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  4. Yeah, Another Blogger Avatar

    Hello. How much of each day do you spend drawing or thinking about what to draw?

    Your post in a slight way relates, I think, to one of the things I talk about in my latest story. Take care

    Neil Scheinin

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      It honestly varies so much depending on what I’m working on (e.g., an illustrated story usually requires at least two weeks of drawing every day to complete, whereas I can do a lone comic in an afternoon or two), what *else* I’m working on (I do a lot of writing that isn’t this which takes up a good amount of time), and what’s generally going on in my life. Sometimes I just come up with things while I’m going about my life, sometimes I sit down and try to come up with something. Sometimes while things are happening to me I’m thinking “hmmm, how would I cartoon this?”, other times it’s the furthest thing from my mind.

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  5. magickmermaid Avatar

    I like them both! :)

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  6. Claudia McGill Avatar

    I think of them as alternate realities occurring side by side. And as a crime fiction lover, I’d be thrilled for more noir adventures of this murder of murderous minded crowd!

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      That’s how I think of them, too.

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  7. itsmayurremember Avatar

    hahaha. Can’t wait for the third in this series

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Well … that might be it.

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      1. itsmayurremember Avatar

        Oh. It is still great though

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  8. Arionis Avatar

    Oh those wacky crows of your!

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