23 thoughts on “Boxes

  1. I am, in fact, basically feline. My box obsession extends to buying new ones, especially if they’re tiny and “useless.” Husband theorizes that this is due to my innate cat-urge to pounce into and hide in them, but really I just feel like if I could find the right boxes, I could finally get my life together.

    1. Tank. She’ll need it when she attempts world domination.

      Although, come to think of it, she’ll need the plane too. Just be sure to tell her I’m ‘friend’ but not friend as in ‘friendly fire’, friend as in ‘don’t kill with tank’.

  2. I have just been VINDICATED in my obsessive box hoarding. I’m moving, and finally have used every bloody last random box I have collected over years – WHOOP! To be fair, I might also be a cat.

  3. AM I SECRETLY A CAT? Can I just lay in the sun and have someone feed me now? It’s time for my mid-morning nap. You can respond to this comment just before my mid-afternoon nap.

    Now I’m mildly depressed about being a person.

      1. Oh gosh. I think we’ve found the flaw in the plan. I remember reading something about cats not having tastes in common with people. So probably no chocolate either, or anything that’s nice.

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