Thunder Lizard

Brontosaurus "Thunder Lizard". A brontosaurus holds out a finger for a T-rex. The T-rex is saying "See, this is why we spend a century saying you don't exist"


For those who like fart jokes as explicit as possible, I drew another version. And yes, it’s available in my store. Because who wouldn’t want a dinosaur fart on their morning coffee mug?

Brontosaurus "Thunder Lizard" A brontosaurs farts out a thudercloud.

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17 thoughts on “Thunder Lizard

  1. Seems like the perfect thing for a coffee mug to me! I love the first version too, if I saw that in the paper I’d probably spit out my tea!

  2. For me, the first one doesn’t make sense without the second. So I guess I’m one who needs their fart jokes all explicit. Frankly, if scratch ‘n sniff internet was a thing…

    Actually, now I’m wondering what dinosaur farts smelled like. Or if dinosaurs even farted? TOO MANY QUESTIONS!

  3. Dude, this is awesome and hilare! I wish I could draw like you to go along with some of my stories. Maybe we could collaborate sometime! Keep rockin it dude, and keep finding the funny :)

    1. Thank you :) My big secret is that when I started this site I didn’t know much about comic drawing, but I also didn’t know that I didn’t know much drawing comics. And by the time I worked it out, I’d already drawn heaps of comics and had improved a fair bit.

      (Unsure how serious the collaboration suggestion is. I’m open to collaboration in a vague, general sort of way, but wading through a ton of personal stuff just now.)

      1. Just take your time. I’ve been too sick to do anything these days, including showering. So I might wanna get that figured out too. Hang in there buddy, it will be OK, but I know you’re going through some shit and it just takes time to get through crap like that. I have a feeling it will work out in an unexpected, awesome way. Just wading through the BS in the middle is the toughest part, I know. I’m here for you, if that helps at all. (Doubtful) just know you’ve got a friend and my support from across the world, and I am feel good things are on their way for you. Hang tough buddy,
        Mary (and Monty)

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