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  • Relaxing


    Did I do it right

  • Thunder Lizard

    Thunder Lizard

    For those who like fart jokes as explicit as possible, I drew another version.

  • Bingo


    What are you playing with?

  • Patreon, the future and feelings

    Patreon, the future and feelings

    Silence Killed the Dinosaurs started out as a whim. It continued as a way to help me cope through the worst of my chronic fatigue syndrome. Now I would like it to be a little more. I have been thinking about how to write this for a few weeks, and I have made a couple…

  • Call me Foureyes

    Call me Foureyes

    Comic-me (awkward mid-sentence tangent that shouldn’t be happening two hyphenated words into the story: I have decided to refer to my drawn-self as ‘comic-me’ rather than ‘cartoon-me’ because it can be misread as I am comic, i.e. amusing, and I’m okay with that) is getting a makeover…

  • He Can Thunder My Lizard Any Day

    He Can Thunder My Lizard Any Day

    I’m glad that palaeontologists decided to go with Brontosaurus in 2015. Apatosaurus just isn’t long term relationship material. P.S. When this hit the focus groups (i.e., when I came up with the idea at 2am and woke up my partner by giggling uncontrollably and generally making a lot of noise and fuss for 2am so…

  • “So, what do you do?”: An Apology

    “So, what do you do?”: An Apology

    My apology comes on two fronts. First, I’m sorry to people who ask me this question. You don’t really know me and you’re trying to maintain conversation through the inevitable lull. You pull out the old faithful “so, what do you do?” expecting a good fifteen minutes where you can just coast on me nattering…

  • Depression Lies

    Depression Lies

    Lately my depression has been close to the surface. It whispers things to me and manipulates me. It tries to make me believe that I am worthless. I want to write about it properly, but everything I put down seems wrong, and I end up in tangles. To have it swoop in and steal the…

  • How to Propose with Extra Dinosaurs

    How to Propose with Extra Dinosaurs

    “Where have you been these last few months? We’ve been suffering without regular posts filled with your sparkling wit and hilarious cartoons!” I know. I know, guys. I’m so sorry for abandoning you to several dull, me-less months. But I’ve had stuff on…