I am working hard, saying "I've been doing so much work and not relaxing. It's really time to not do work and relax. But I don't know how to stop." Friendly dinosaur says: "Why not COMPROMISE and do a little of both?" One COMPROMISE later ... I sit, looking stressed, labled 'not working' and 'not relaxing'


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14 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. For me, maybe for you too, not working never equals relaxing. Is it a fallacy cooked up by the travel industry? Here’s a secret: I love working. Holidays stress me out.

    1. For me, it depends. When work was studying for university, I was very keen to do some relaxing (though I always felt guilty about it). Now that work is writing and drawing? Pretty much the only thing that makes me stop is when my illness drops me. And I’ve recently become aware that while it’s great I like what I’m doing, I probably need to do some non-work things for health reasons.

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