He Can Thunder My Lizard Any Day

Team Brontosaurus

I’m glad that palaeontologists decided to go with Brontosaurus in 2015. Apatosaurus just isn’t long term relationship material.

P.S. When this hit the focus groups (i.e., when I came up with the idea at 2am and woke up my partner by giggling uncontrollably and generally making a lot of noise and fuss for 2am so that he would ask what I was doing) it became apparent that not everyone just casually knows that “Brontosaurus” means “Thunder Lizard”. It does.

P.P.S Apatosaurus means “Deceptive Lizard”. Just saying.

14 thoughts on “He Can Thunder My Lizard Any Day

  1. how are we saving dinosaurs? although I did think of that every time I eschew plastic bags, or plastic anything, or recycle, tho I suspect it is too late to “save” ’em, but any thing is allegedly possible.

  2. Apatasaurus is a simp bitch who can’t even hold onto a girl. It’s about time he got that weak game out of here, man.

  3. Ok I have actually written a comment twice for this post in the past week, but I kept submitting it when my internet wasn’t working and then the comment was lost!!

    I love your Brontosaurus thunder god!! I hadn’t heard they decided to go back to using Brontosaurus, but I’m glad they did!! I always hated the name Apatosaurus!!

    I freaking adore your site btw, it always makes me happy to read and to know you exist!

    1. I’m glad you persevered with the comment! I love hearing nice things about me.

      The best thing is that there is a species of Brontosaurus called Brontosaurus excelsus. Thunder Lizard Excelsior (well, close enough). Someone needs to inform Stan Lee and get a comic made.

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