Comic with three panels. First panel: cat sits by it's food bowl and meows at comic me. Second panel: cat meows again and I meow back. Third panel: cat meows LOUDLY IN CAPS and I meow LOUDLY IN CAPS back

3 more panels. First panel: cat meows so LOUDLY IN CAPS that the speech bubble squishes him and I meow SO LOUDLY IN CAPS that the speech bubble squishes me. Second panel: Cat looks at me, silent. I look smug. Third panel: Cat says: "bitch"


Are you even a cat owner if you don’t mock your cat’s dramatic feed-me meows?

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39 thoughts on “Meow

  1. This is great 😁 Sometimes, though, I find myself meowing to myself when it’s dinnertime and I’m trying to call them but they’ve scarpered off somewhere…that’s when I know they’ve won and that I am the slave!

  2. Amazing. Though I don’t have cats myself, if I happen to be visiting my parents around 5pm, I will inevitably hear a loud and dramatic cry from across the house. Every. Single. Time. I find myself asking, “What the hell was that?!?!” Dinner time, that’s what. When I meow back, I am now certain that his little kitty brain is calling me a bitch. LOL!

    1. This happens in reverse to me. The last time my mum was visiting she got confused and asked what the weird noise was. It was the cat meowing at me when I stood up (IT MUST BE DINNERTIME SHE STOOD UP!)

      1. Thank you :D will confirm a date and if you’d prefer it to show in your current author name we can also add you as a guest author which would allow you to submit content to our pending queue whenever you fancy. ^^

      2. I think I misunderstood a little. I assumed when you said “share” you meant share to a social media page or something like that. Would you mind explaining what “share” entails in this context (or link me somewhere with an explanation? (you can email me from my contact page if you’d rather) Sorry about any confusion.

      3. If you want to use the reblog button, then by all means go ahead. However, I typically don’t let people republish my work on their site (that is, just copy the images and/or text over).

      4. Ah. We are self hosted so there is no reblog button for us. :(

        That’s why I normally offer people to invite them meaning your own author profile will show as the owner of the content rather than me. We do that more to introduce our readers to other blogs. But if you prefer not to that’s fine.

  3. I though my teenager daughter had made up ‘drama llama’ herself, but I see it’s a worldwide ‘thing’. I obviously don’t speak cat or teenage…

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