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  • Cats (pattern)

    Cats (pattern)

    This isn’t a comic or story. I’ve used my Lu Repeating pattern skills (reminder that I have a pattern persona called Lu Repeating) to make a new cat pattern of Silence Killed the Dinosaurs style cats. For fun.

  • Cat Feet

    Cat Feet

    Cats are impossible.

  • Baby Practice

    Baby Practice

    I mean, not right away, but when the crawling starts.

  • Night Terrors

    Night Terrors

    Our cat, Percy, has come up with a new game. He likes it very much. I do not.

  • Foot



  • Nice Bed

    Nice Bed

    I promise I’ll do something not about cats soon.

  • Games


    My partner plays a game with our cat…

  • More cats

    More cats

    This one’s sort of a follow up to my last comic.

  • Stage Five Clinger

    Stage Five Clinger

    … but he’s a big fan of all his humans social distancing and hanging out at home.

  • The Feline Water Cycle

    The Feline Water Cycle

    I don’t think of my cat as my baby. That’s not to say I don’t love the floof-demon a stupid amount or take my responsibility of his wellbeing seriously, I just don’t think of our relationship as parent-child. I don’t mind if other people think of their pets as their children or fur-babies or whathaveyou, but as he’s an adult cat and I’m not trying to raise him to be a functional member of society with an independent existence, for me, it just feels jarring. I tend to say he’s my eccentric housemate, but even that’s not quite right. I think pet relationships are different…