Night Terrors

3 panels. Panel 1: me, my partner and our cat are in bed. He and the cat are asleep. I am awake. The words 'I need to pee' are written above me. Panel 2: I close my eyes. 'No ... I can hold it. Only 4 hours until morning.' Panel 3: my eyes are open. 'I can't hold it.
3 panels. Panel 1: I reach over and turn the light on and say 'Sorry, I need the light on. So I can see if the monster comes for me.' Panel 2: I walk nervously to the door. Panel 3: I walk nervously down the hall to the bathroom.
3 Panels: Panel 1: I am sitting on the toilet, sound effect *pssssssssssssss*. Panel 2: I am on the toilet. Sound effect through wall *thud* and *pat pat pat pat pat pat pat*. Panel 3: I reach for the toilet paper and say 'oh no.'
3 panels. Panel 1: I nervously peek out the bathroom and down the hall. There's nothing there. Panel 2: I nervously peek into the bedroom. Nothing is amiss, but a sound effect begins behind me, *pat pat pat pat* Panel 3: my partner sits up in bed and yells 'Hurry! He's coming!' I am running toward the bed, the sound effect increases *pat pat pat Pat Pat Pat PAT PAT PAT*
A cat is latched to my leg, biting evily, there is blood, I scream 'MOTHERFU--'


Our cat, Percy, has come up with a new game. He likes it very much. I do not.

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21 thoughts on “Night Terrors

  1. My parents’ cat will follow you into the bathroom and hop on your lap while you’re using the toilet… I was convinced that was where this was going LOL! But yikes…the teeth, the blood…bad kitty!

  2. Before we were married when my husband used to come over to my house my cat Arthur used to lurk around a corner and leap out at him. Bite and hang on. It shows what a good person my husband is that he did not hold this against me or the cat and so Arthur came along when we got married. Luckily he quit doing this though he was never too friendly. Wow that is a long time ago because we got married in 1987 but I feel sure my husband has vivid memories of Arthur to this day.

  3. Ha. Why did I think the monster would be a cat when I saw the pat pats? XD I did not see the ending coming, though! I am pretty convinced all cats have a high potential for destruction, though, based off of personal experience! Take care! <3

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