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Night Terrors

3 panels. Panel 1: me, my partner and our cat are in bed. He and the cat are asleep. I am awake. The words 'I need to pee' are written above me. Panel 2: I close my eyes. 'No ... I can hold it. Only 4 hours until morning.' Panel 3: my eyes are open. 'I can't hold it.
3 panels. Panel 1: I reach over and turn the light on and say 'Sorry, I need the light on. So I can see if the monster comes for me.' Panel 2: I walk nervously to the door. Panel 3: I walk nervously down the hall to the bathroom.
3 Panels: Panel 1: I am sitting on the toilet, sound effect *pssssssssssssss*. Panel 2: I am on the toilet. Sound effect through wall *thud* and *pat pat pat pat pat pat pat*. Panel 3: I reach for the toilet paper and say 'oh no.'
3 panels. Panel 1: I nervously peek out the bathroom and down the hall. There's nothing there. Panel 2: I nervously peek into the bedroom. Nothing is amiss, but a sound effect begins behind me, *pat pat pat pat* Panel 3: my partner sits up in bed and yells 'Hurry! He's coming!' I am running toward the bed, the sound effect increases *pat pat pat Pat Pat Pat PAT PAT PAT*
A cat is latched to my leg, biting evily, there is blood, I scream 'MOTHERFU--'


Our cat, Percy, has come up with a new game. He likes it very much. I do not.

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