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  • Night Terrors

    Night Terrors

    Our cat, Percy, has come up with a new game. He likes it very much. I do not.

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  • Warning: May Contain Traces of Spiders

    Warning: May Contain Traces of Spiders

    Do you ever wonder if spiders just want attention? Maybe they don’t hang out in our showers because they are spiteful and want to ruin our mornings with a fight to the death over the shampoo. Maybe they just want to spend time with us, but don’t understand how humans do things. They watch how…

  • Bear Attacks and Other Nightmares

    Bear Attacks and Other Nightmares

    Throughout my life I have been pretty good at scary things. I can watch horror suspense movies without wetting my pants. I don’t squeal at weeping angels. I think zombies are cool. But every now and again something scares the life out of me, and it’s always something pathetic…