Bear Attacks and Other Nightmares

Throughout my life I have been pretty good at scary things. I can watch horror suspense movies without wetting my pants. I don’t squeal at weeping angels. I think zombies are cool. But every now and again something scares the life out of me, and it’s always something pathetic.

When I was a small child it was the picture book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. I’ll write a brief synopsis of it, so you understand where I’m coming from.

The book begins by announcing that we are going on a bear hunt, we intend to find a bear of large proportions, the weather is lovely, and we are not afraid. This becomes a refrain, and it is always interrupted by “Uh oh!” and a problem. Problems include long grass, a river, mud and so on. The solution is always “we’ve got to go through it.” Eventually we find a bear in a cave and are so scared we run all the way back and hide in bed.

We run because a bear is chasing us. I repeat: a bear is chasing us. We can only move slowly through the mud and the river and the grass. And we forget to close the door of the house when we get home and have to run back and close it. To prevent the bear from killing us. Because it’s a bear and it wants to kill us. Seriously. This is what is going to happen if we get caught:


Someone wrote this book for small children.

It terrified me so much that every time the teacher read us this book in kindergarten I would hide at the back of the classroom behind a bookshelf. The teacher always saw me and made me come out again. I don’t think she linked these hiding incidents with the picture book. I think she just thought there was something a bit off about me.

But I got older and people no longer insisted on reading this picture book to me. I was fine until Jurassic Park III.

As a child I thought dinosaurs were awesome (and I still do). My favourite movie was Jurassic Park, despite the fact that I was approximately six years old. My favourite bit is when the power goes out and the T-rex gets out of its enclosure and starts wrecking cars and eating people. Closely followed by any scene with velociraptors.

Now, my parents thought it was important that their brood watch age appropriate materials. But we were three small children who loved dinosaurs and nothing on Earth was going to keep us away from a dinosaur movie. We weren’t happy until we had watched it. And rewound the cassette and watched it again. And rewound it and watched it again.

So my parents made the best of a bad situation by trying to get us to cover our eyes for the death scenes.


This was all fine until Jurassic Park III came along. That’s the one where the spinosaurus swallows the characters’ satellite phone and they keep hearing it ringing when the spinosaurus is about to jump out and eat them (I guess they thought they needed to update the T-rex’s-footfalls-makes-the-water-vibrate-in-a-glass-of-water-heralding-imminent-eating thing from the first movie).

One scene destroyed me. It was the scene where Dr Alan Grant falls asleep on the plane going to the Dinosaur Island and dreams that a velociraptor is on the plane talking to him.

It was the talking that did it. Dinosaurs, fine. Suspense, fine. Death, fine. Horrifying and traumatic death, fine. Talking velociraptors? Hell no.

My reaction made no sense. Before seeing the movie, a talking dinosaur would have been a dream come true. Afterward?




My parents were not impressed.


It took time, but I eventually stopped having dinosaur nightmares. I was free of crippling fictional-monster fear.

Until two years ago when I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

I can’t explain why I was afraid of Dracula when I had weathered far worse. It’s like the talking dinosaur thing. It just came out of nowhere.

After reading it, I was up all night with my fear while my boyfriend slept soundly. I couldn’t let myself fall asleep, because that’s when he gets you.

It was a long night.


At about 3:30 in the morning I had a dreadful realisation. I needed to go to the toilet. Badly. But I held it. I’m not a fool. Trips to the bathroom are prime opportunities for horror-monster ambushes. A bathroom trip would be more risky than falling asleep.

The situation became steadily more pressing, and when my bladder started hurting I was forced to reassess my options. I could only come up with one workable solution.





And he did.

He braved the house at night and stood guard outside the bathroom door while I peed.


Everyone needs someone like this in their lives. You need someone who does not judge or ask the wrong questions when something ridiculous happens. You need someone who just says “Ok.” This person can be a partner, family member or friend. Not everyone in your life needs to be like this, but you need someone. If you don’t have someone like this, you should consider engaging in a spot of friend shopping. Or maybe get a dog. Also, try and be this person for someone else (someone you trust not to take advantage).

I’m dead serious. It’s important. And I’ll explain why.

When the zombie apocalypse happens (and it will) I will go to my boyfriend and say: “The zombie apocalypse is happening! Pack all the tinned food you can find in the car. I’ll collect tools and cricket bats. We need to get out of the city before the roads are blocked with abandoned cars. Don’t forget the tin-opener!”

And he will say: “Ok.”

While we’re speeding out of town with a stash of food and weapons, all the people who went to the wrong friend with their evacuation plan will be on the receiving end of judgemental looks. They will be answering the question: “is this just some kind of silly joke?”

All the while, the roads will be getting more and more congested, and the zombie horde will be shuffling closer and closer.


21 responses to “Bear Attacks and Other Nightmares”

  1. Alex Bart Avatar
    Alex Bart



  2. Will Avatar

    I second the brilliance. Going on a Bear Hunt. It would drive me mad knowing they were going to eventually walk into the bear cave! Their weaponry was more suited to defending against the ‘swishy swashy’ long grass.


    1. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

      Exactly! It was a poorly thought out bear hunt. I mean, what did they think was going to happen when they found a bear?


  3. Alana James Avatar

    Haha that was one of my favourite books!
    I love the message.
    But, not scared of weeping angels?! ARE YOU CRAZY!! They scare me to pieces!

    Nice work again, miss xx


    1. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar


      That book was was EVERYONE’S favourite. The worst part about that book was that it was so popular. If I had just heard it once then I probably wouldn’t remember it now, but it wasn’t just once. It was all the time. All. The. Time.


  4. pinkpearbear Avatar

    I really hate that book! I thought it was something totally different when I first bought it. I don’t like the illustrations either. Nowhere near as good as yours!! ;) You are so lucky to have found someone to protect you from dracula so readily. My husband has spent 13 years protecting me from spiders. Ok so we don’t have any poisonous ones like you but ours get quite big, & really hairy & I swear to go they know & run right at me!!! He doesn’t even do that thing that people do when they catch them & pretend to throw them at you after. Why the hell do people do that?! I’m literally seconds away from a heart attack now thanks!!!


    1. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

      I’m sorry for making you think about spiders. We have venomous spiders AND large, hairy, scuttle-y spiders. Truly a land of opportunity.

      My partner doesn’t like spiders either. So while he’s staking the vampires I’m hustling the creepy crawlies out the door (unless its a huntsman spider–I’d rather go a round with Dracula than dispose of a huntsman).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. pinkpearbear Avatar

        Huntsmen are not normal spiders. They are like small dogs!! They creep me out big time. I know it’s the teeny ones you need to worry about but the big hairy ones terrify me. When we were in malaysia they had these enormous webs in the jungle, (my husband is 6’6 & if he stood in front of one with his arms stretched out as far as they could go, they were still bigger!), with hand sized spiders hanging in the middle. Stuff of nightmares! That is so good that you can repay him for the zombie protection.


      2. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

        You’re making me want to blog about spiders.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. pinkpearbear Avatar

        Well don’t or I will have to stop following you! (Yes that is me, the figure in the grey mac & hat with the newspaper with eyeholes cut out you keep spotting behind you!)


      4. pinkpearbear Avatar

        Oh I love it!!!! I now feel sad for the spiders. No less terrified though!! I’ve always felt guilty at making everyone I know shove them outside! :) (still gonna follow you btw, you’re too much fun not to!)


      5. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

        I’m glad I haven’t scared you off.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. pinkpearbear Avatar

        It’s a good job I like you or I’d have been out of here like a terrified shot! ;)

        Liked by 1 person

      7. pinkpearbear Avatar

        Ooh vampires sorry! Half asleep still!


  5. Wakuwafu and Starlight Blogger Awards | Silence Killed The Dinosaurs Avatar

    […] I should just end this whole debacle. Maybe with something semi-special for you guys for sticking with this until the end. I know I said earlier that there would be no cartoons of me being ripped apart by bears, but hey, you guys deserve the best and it’s already rattling around my site from an old post. […]


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    1. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

      Painfully honest hat on.

      I have no idea what is going on with this comment. Is there a joke I don’t get? Am I the butt of the joke? Is this supposed to be some kind of internet installation art that is only enjoyed by the sort of people who can taste notes of things in wine? Is this just some kind of spam thing? Is it a troll thing? Are you trying to be friendly by giving me some useful, albeit irrelevant, advice and now I’m a total jerk for responding this way?

      I don’t know.

      But I kind of like it as a sort of monument to the internet generally and the things we don’t know how to respond to in life.


  7. Sophia Ball Avatar

    So many things here! I also LOVED Jurassic Park as a kid (we may have already talked about this) and watched until I could speak all the lines along with the movie. I loved it despite the fact that it gave me nightmares, and continued watching it nonetheless.

    I like that I found an old zombie escape plan post when we just had this conversation on Twitter a week ago. Feels like a nice circle of events.

    PS – I was looking for a new blog to read on lunches at work so get ready for a lot more comments on old posts. I hope you don’t mind. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Totally cool with me. Read and comment away. I’ve always had a soft spot for this particular post, and it makes me happy when I see it’s had a bit of attention.

      Liked by 1 person

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