3 panels. First panel, I sit on a couch, dinosaur looks out window and says 'It's lovely outside! Let's go for a walk!' Second panel, I say, 'Counterpoint...' Third panel, I have flopped backward and am having a nap.


It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a comic, and that’s largely because, well … I’ve been asleep a lot.

It’s just my usual Chronic Fatigue Syndrome fatigue (which comes and goes and will continue to come and go) and it’s actually lifted a lot over the last few weeks compared to how bad it was November/December last year. But, even so, I’m still working on getting back on top of my doing-stuff routine, which includes making comics.

I’m completely fine. I even know exactly what triggered the fatigue to be particularly bad, and it’s nothing to worry about. Still annoying for me, of course, but this is just life with a chronic illness.

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16 thoughts on “Walk

  1. I relate.

    The biggest challenge for me is forgiving myself for not being my ideal self when my CSF level, and thus my energy for daily life, is a quart low (my phrase). Energy comes and goes, and rolling with the “goes” periods is always a work in progress.

    Here’s to less fatigue…

    1. Yeah, I struggle whenever my fatigue levels significantly fluctuate … in either direction. If I’m sudden more tired than I’ve been in a while, I’m too used to doing more and it’s extra frustrating to shut down. If I’m suddenly less tired, then I feel like I should just be ‘better’ and do *everything* (but still can’t), which is also frustrating.

      For me too, rolling with it is a work in progress.

  2. Sending a big Canadian style hug, it includes donuts and coffee (somehow) and goes on until my body temperature comes back up from zero. 😄
    Glad to see you here and sometimes on IG! I recently started a Twitter account, watch out world, for some carefully considered nuggets of wisdom and self deprecation 😆. Oh and a lot of my toons.

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