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  • Cat Feet

    Cat Feet

    ************************ Cats are impossible. Could you help me out and tell someone about Silence Killed the Dinosaurs? I’ve been doing this since 2014 and it’s been fun, but it would be great to get more eyes on it. So, tell someone about this comic who naps so hard their feet multiply. UPDATE: This illustration is […]

  • Walk


    ************************ It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a comic, and that’s largely because, well … I’ve been asleep a lot. It’s just my usual Chronic Fatigue Syndrome fatigue (which comes and goes and will continue to come and go) and it’s actually lifted a lot over the last few weeks compared to how […]

  • Naps


    ************************ … And it looks like I’ll have plenty of opportunity to have them over the next week, as South Australia (where I live) has gone into hardcore lockdown to crush a covid outbreak. In fact, it’s practically my civil duty to nap right now. UPDATE: Our lockdown lasted 3 days because it turns out […]

  • Productivity


    ************************* I have struggled with this a lot since becoming chronically ill, and even more so since the pandemic started. Sometimes I need the reminder. Other safe stuff HERE. If you love my stories and comics, check out my Patreon page. You can support my work and get unique rewards! This comic is available as a print! Along with […]