Cartoon me napping on a couch, cat also napping. Text reads: Naps are pretty good. ... that's it. that's the whole comic.


… And it looks like I’ll have plenty of opportunity to have them over the next week, as South Australia (where I live) has gone into hardcore lockdown to crush a covid outbreak. In fact, it’s practically my civil duty to nap right now.

UPDATE: Our lockdown lasted 3 days because it turns out the outbreak wasn’t as bad as they first thought. Oh well. I got a few naps in.

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10 thoughts on “Naps

  1. Another round? That’s challenging.

    We (Malaysia) have been in various states of lockdown too. Wishing you the best during these times, though I’m not complaining, because as an introvert, I’m glad to have an excuse not to go out with other people.

    1. Well, turns out the outbreak wasn’t as bad as they first thought, and they called off the lockdown earlier XD It was a kind of ridiculous situation, but good they took the threat of an outbreak seriously.

    1. Ah, well, I’m not actually in lockdown now. It’s only the Eastern states at the moment (I live in South Australia). I do have plenty of family in those areas (and a crushing number of cancelled plans for them to visit and meet my baby), and I know the long lockdowns are rough. Is NZ still in lockdown? The last I saw (I try keep the amount of news I consume these days at safe-for-mental-health levels) case numbers were dropping, I think.

      1. Right. Well, I hope Auckland gets things under control and you can slowly resume your life too.

        Looks like that’s not going to happen for us. Sydney and Melbourne are too plaguey at this point to get rid of it again :/

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