Comic, 3 panels. Me and partner sit on couch. In panel one, I say 'hey, we should play horror games together this october!' and my partner responds "uh ... I don't love horror, but okay." Panel two, still on couch, room is dark, I am cowering the the fetal position. Partner says 'do you want a go yet?' I say 'nope'. Panel 3. Looks the same as panel 2. My partner says, 'do you want to stop?' I say 'nope'.


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11 thoughts on “Horror

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, I don’t know why that’s happening and I’m not sure there’s much I can do about it. It’s probably something on the WordPress end of things–I have noticed it being a bit buggy the last few months.

  1. Lol I can relate. Loved this, but I also have a negative review for you: you don’t post enough! jk either way I’m always looking forward to your next post. Thanks for this!

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