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  • Brewing Tea

    Brewing Tea

    A (frequent) tragedy in three acts.

  • Meow


    Are you even a cat owner if you don’t mock your cat’s dramatic feed-me meows?

  • Work-From-Home Colleagues

    Work-From-Home Colleagues

    The untold problems involved in working from home.

  • Pests


    Cats are very useful.

  • The War Continues

    The War Continues

    There will be no end.

  • The War of the Plants

    The War of the Plants

    I have never confronted my mum about this, but I’m pretty sure I’m at least 50% elvish. Having plants around makes me feel good. It always has. When I was a kid in need of a private place to sulk, I would climb a tree. After a long hard day of being a nerd in high school, I would water pot plants. As an adult, I filled my rental’s barren courtyard with potted herbs and spent all day staring vaguely out the window at them instead of being productive. And finally, as a homeowner, I decided it was time for trendy indoor plants. And a cat, of course…

  • Cat Daydream

    Cat Daydream

    We are just furniture for cats.

  • Cat Pie Chart

    Cat Pie Chart

    Murder, pur, toebeans

  • White Goose’s Reign of Terror

    White Goose’s Reign of Terror

    One day when I was little my parents decided to ruin everything. This was not unusual. Parents of small children must keep to a strict schedule of Ruining Everything to prepare their brood for the challenges of life. It is important to get all your tantrumming out of the way as a child when you get the wrong colour cup, so that as an adult you can cope when your favourite movie is remade, or people like a new fad that you don’t like. Up until this point, my parents’ preferred method of Ruining Everything was letting my sister sit in my chair and stopping us from watching Jurassic Park on endless repeat. The goose came as a surprise…

  • On the Toilet

    On the Toilet

    Leaving the toilet door open when home alone.