How to fold fitted sheets (the joke instructions)

how to fold fitted sheets

8 thoughts on “How to fold fitted sheets (the joke instructions)

  1. Part of the trick is not really caring if you are doing it “correctly” as long as you are folding it well enough to put away in whatever portion of the closet or drawer that you keep it in. I stopped worrying about perfection long ago!

    1. This comics is probably a bit misleading about my actual practices. In reality I just ball them up and stuff it in the cupboard. It astounds me that there ARE ways to wrangle them into a neat little pile. I’m guessing it was some sort of physics genius who first worked it out.

  2. you copied that from me! except, after a few dozen failed attempts (and spending beer- (and pee-) less time in the closet), I’ve givven up! and now just CRUMPLE those friggin sheets!

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