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  • Am I An Adult?

    Am I An Adult?

    One year when I was still in highschool I asked for a green ipod for my birthday. The green was important. It was an unwell pistachio colour, sort of warm and cool at the same time. But teenagers aren’t renowned for their emotional restraint and despite the vomit-untertone I couldn’t have fallen more head-over-heads in love with this colour if it fronted a boyband. I stared at it in advertisements and in shop windows. I dreamed of it. I repeatedly prompted my mum to make sure she absolutely knew the green one was mine, the one I was meant to have. On my birthday, there was a heart-flutteringly ipod-shaped present for me…

  • Life and Blanket Forts

    Life and Blanket Forts

    ********************************* So that’s me right now. How are you all doing? If you love my stories and comics, check out my store and my Patreon page. You can support my work and get unique rewards! And don’t forget you can follow me for updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

  • The War of the Plants

    The War of the Plants

    I have never confronted my mum about this, but I’m pretty sure I’m at least 50% elvish. Having plants around makes me feel good. It always has. When I was a kid in need of a private place to sulk, I would climb a tree. After a long hard day of being a nerd in high school, I would water pot plants. As an adult, I filled my rental’s barren courtyard with potted herbs and spent all day staring vaguely out the window at them instead of being productive. And finally, as a homeowner, I decided it was time for trendy indoor plants. And a cat, of course…

  • Woes Of Moving #1

    Woes Of Moving #1
  • Failure in A Minor (Some Other Girl)

    Failure in A Minor (Some Other Girl)

    Once there was a girl who wanted to be a music teacher. She started playing the piano when she was eleven and the clarinet when she was thirteen. She loved playing and wanted to spend her life helping others like her have that opportunity too. Third person, you understand. She isn’t me. Some other girl…

  • How to fold fitted sheets (the real instructions)

    How to fold fitted sheets (the real instructions)
  • How to fold fitted sheets (the joke instructions)

    How to fold fitted sheets (the joke instructions)
  • Functional Adulthood

    Functional Adulthood

    Some days are good days. I leap out of bed and I do all the tasks I am supposed to do. I am excited about budgeting, space-saving storage solutions and petrol discounts. I can feel the progress I make towards my sensible, well-thought-out life goals. It’s the closest I get to being one of those go-getters who start the day by running a marathon and knocking back a disturbing green smoothie before going to work and earning a million dollars an hour by saying synergy and looking dynamic in front of graphs. (But my graphs are better.) The next day I wake up with the same tasks and the same goals, but it is not the same…

  • People I Admire

    People I Admire
  • It’s My Birthday!

    It’s My Birthday!

    And I am now officially on the late twenties side of 25. This has me concerned that by now I should have my shit together, or at least have a more respectable shit-together versus shit-all-over-the-place ratio. Or at the very least I should act more like an adult. (If you’re thinking, ‘wait, you’re getting married soon […]