Real Life Horror Story


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8 responses to “Real Life Horror Story”

  1. Procrastinator's Day Off Avatar

    This made me laugh out loud so much. I get this with my partner all the time during conversations – “How can you not know about that?!” I wonder if she grew up on a different planet to me. She heard me laughing at this and when I explained why she said I should go and marry you then… XD

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      I did get him to read the Day of the Triffids after this happened, so my partner situation is acceptable for now. I’ll be sure to let you know if a vacancy comes up.

      It can be good though, being with someone who has different random stuff. You end up with twice the usual amount. And you find some awesome things you might not have tried otherwise; I introduced my partner to Dr Who, and he is getting me to play Mass Effect.

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      1. Procrastinator's Day Off Avatar

        This is true – and it is often the bonkers nonsense that comes out of my partner’s mouth that inspires my cartoons, so no bad thing. :D

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  2. Pistachios Avatar

    I kind of get like this when I find out that certain close friends don’t like certain foods that I love. There’s this moment where my brain thinks “how can we even be friends??” but then I figure it’s ok because then I don’t have to share with them ;)

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  3. betunada Avatar

    yeah — what pistache and procrastinaty said ~

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  4. Claudia McGill Avatar

    Triffids! Old friends! I loved that book! Ok. Now to your work. I think you have written and illustrated this situation perfectly and I loved it. I’ve been married 30 years and it doesn’t happen too often anymore but…it still does.

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  5. actualconversationswithmyhusband Avatar

    You never really know someone until they’re stranded in a conversation without google.

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  6. Ninja Phil Avatar

    That ending had me laughing out loud XD gotta love a triffid :)

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