Fur Babies


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14 thoughts on “Fur Babies

  1. Okay, but when I was pregnant I did dream that I gave birth to my best friend’s orange tabby. Who had recently died, actually, so there were several layers of weird there. I’m not saying actual human babies are a disappointment, but cats are awesome and that dream birth was much quicker and simpler than the reality.

    1. Wow. That dream sounds pretty intense. I have some questions. Was the in-reality-dead tabby dead, undead or magically alive in the dream? Also was it a kitten at the time of the dream birth or an adult cat? Finally, claws?

      1. Fully alive, fully grown, and he’d been declawed in real life so he gave me no (ahem) “birthing issues” and was great at hugs (IRL and in the dream). But then my friend was so excited to have her dead cat back that she sued for custody, so that sucked.

    2. I’ve been reading a buncha “science fixion” recently, and you, your dream, the symbolism, well, certainly seems you have at least a toe-hold into/onto adjoining dimensions there …

    1. I still find the parental aspect a bit odd. I just think a pet-owner relationship is it’s own, very cool, thing. I don’t think it needs to be likened to a parent-baby relationship to be valid.

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