15 thoughts on “That glorious feeling …

      1. The rumors of my constantly running through fields of flowers have been greatly exaggerated.

        I was thinking more like the part about unnecessarily prolonged procrastination and regret, followed by an all too brief moment of triumph when I finally get my shit together.

  1. I have hair of about 1 inch long. If that. And I love it. When it gets to 1.25″ I panic. Well, not really. But I am uncomfortable. This sequence says it all for me! I love it!

  2. I never really plan what I’m gonna do with my hair (and I’m pretty adventurous) so the three days immediately following a haircut are usually spent trying to decide if I’ve made a huge mistake. Somewhere along the line I decide I don’t care.

      1. Factory resets are always nice – provides you don’t lose any data. There’s a joke in there somewhere but it’s far to early for me to find it, lol.

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