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Living With A Bookworm #2

First panel: my partner and I sit in front of a screen that says 'a classy Shakespeare adaptation' while my partner says 'You'll tell me what they're saying, right?' and I respond 'Sure. Panel 2: I say: 'The 'dagger' is his penis'. Panel 3: I say, 'The 'sheath' is her vagina.' Panel 4: I say, ''Thrust' as in ... you probably got that one.' Panel 5: my partner says 'but everyone is dying!' and I say ''Die' can mean orgasm'.


Everything Shakespeare wrote is a dick joke, a gloriously terrible pun, a sword fight, or a gloriously terrible pun that is also a dick joke taking place during a sword fight. If he had been big on adding stage directions, I’m certain ‘[pelvic thrust for emphasis]’ would be part of the Great Western Literary Tradition. 

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Along with the usual merch you can now get facemasks in my store. Specifically here. It makes me feel weird that this is a thing. When I started drawing SKTD I did think things like ‘hey, I wonder if this would look good on a mug?’ but I did not think ‘gosh, what a great design for a device to reduce the spread of the plague!’. But I guess that’s 2020 for you. We’ve just got to adapt.

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