Pride and Prejudice and Spiders

If this post is anything to go by, you could reasonably assume that isolation of sitting at home all day with CFS has finally pushed me over the border from ‘quirky’ to ‘weird’. This will probably come back to haunt me when my family drag it out as evidence of my incompetence so that they can have me forcefully committed and gain control of my fortune.

I’m going to post it anyway because I don’t have a fortune and never will have a fortune, but I do have a HECS debt and (the way things are going) will always have a HECS debt. So the joke will be on them. Suckers.

If you missed that first Austenified Spider you can find it here, but if you click the link hoping it will provide a logical reason for why this is happening and how it is funny, then you will be disappointed.






I wish I could promise you that this is the only time that I will post ridiculous cartoons of spiders in scenes from Jane Austen books. Doing so might stop a few of you unfollowing me. But I can’t, because it would be a lie. I don’t wish that at all. I love this. I love everything about this, including and especially because it’s stupid.

Also, drawing sideburns on cartoon Jane Austen characters (even if they’re spiders) was more fun than it should have been.

9 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice and Spiders

  1. The sideburns! The bonnets! The cuffs! The post-lake hair! Soooo so good! I will never unfollow you, even though that sounds a bit (lot) creepy.

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