A Quest to Emergency: Follow Up

My partner loved what I wrote about his injury. He was delighted to find himself in a starring role in a blog-story and to have his ant-war cartoonised. But he quickly began to regret turning down my offer or re-writing the injury part with dragons. He didn’t make a big deal about it, but I could tell he felt he had missed his opportunity to be immortalised in a daring action-filled escapade.

I understood. Ants are just not as cool as dragons.

So I drew it for him as a surprise gift.










This is what true love looks like.

12 responses to “A Quest to Emergency: Follow Up”

  1. Pistachios Avatar

    Yep, ants are definitely not as cool as dragons! It was nice of the dragon to let him live, though

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    1. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

      I’m not sure the dragon was aiming to be nice, but it certainly was convenient for us.

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  2. betunada Avatar

    were there really ants involved?

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  3. cazcomicstrip Avatar

    Imagine trying to explain that to the doctors at the hospital!

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    1. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

      Well I was actually thinking he could attach this comic to the health and safety report about the incident he had to do for his work.

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  4. BRH Avatar

    This made me grimace! Ouch! I feel a bit traumatised now – in a good way. Amazing drawing!!!

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  5. Problems With Infinity Avatar

    Hehe! Love the illustrations!! Although I don’t know if your boyfriend will be happy about being immortalized as being too gross to be eaten by a dragon! I’m imagining the person being my boyfriend, because his stinky feet could definitely put off a dragon…

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    1. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

      Fortunately for our relationship he not only gets my sense of humour but (for some reason) seems to think of it as one of my better aspects.

      I do think a dragon would bulk at stinky feet.

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  6. blahblahblacksheeps Avatar

    I like the part with the dragons. But also all the other parts, too. I guess what I’m saying is I like the whole thing. Good work. :) haha

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