Always Remember the Silver Lining

When you suddenly notice bad vibes coming from your bathroom drain

and you realise it has been possessed by a demonexorcism2

so you hire an old priest and a young priest


to perform an exorcism


and it works, but both priests are killed in the attempt


and you have to make a satisfactory explanation of the bodies to cops who are already suspicious about a drain-related death in the area


and then you realise that the whole day is gone, you didn’t get around to any of the things you meant to and being an adult kind of sucks.

But then you remember you are allowed to buy and drink wine and you feel a bit better.

25 thoughts on “Always Remember the Silver Lining

  1. I love this, so funny!! Thanks for following my art blog too. BTW did you know that exorcisms are really on the rise? For example, I heard officials in Mexico brought in exorcists to try to heal the country of gang activity, and I’ve seen some other news on exorcisms. I though that was pretty fascinating. Long live Linda Blair!

  2. Ahhh okay you are one of my favorite people. Or is it persons? I don’t know, my grammar is terrible. But you rock in any case- this is so random and hilarious- although the drain bit is terrifying- to this day I refuse to clean out drains, they are just too horrifying. Anyhow, sorry to hear about you losing a day dealing with drains, demons, and homicides- I feel your pain. Oh wait, I probably shouldn’t admin that out loud…. er….

    1. Don’t admit to anything! I’m pretty sure they’re watching my communications waiting for my to drop the demon story and incriminate myself.

      I managed to avoid drain cleaning right up until this point. Probably because until now I either resided with responsible adults (obviously this doesn’t include myself) or moved rentals quite regularly and left my drain hair-demons to the next tenants.

      1. So that WAS your place I rented after you left!! Don’t worry though by the time I left the hairball was so massive it had created a life of it’s own and just wandered out the front door one day.

  3. I once started a drain-demon exorcism company but I had to shut down because the turnover rate was too high. Not for the usual ‘too-many-people-quitting’ reasons, but because too many people died. Plus the life insurance fees were extraordinary.

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