justmarried1Probably, anyway, because I made this in advance and scheduled it to appear at just the right time. But I’m sure I would have had a free minute with an internet connection to delete it if anything untoward occurred and messed everything up, so if you can see this, it’s safe to assume that I am now married, half-way through my third drink and up to my elbows in cake.

I will busy taking the hobbits to Isengard-gard-gar-gar-gar exploring New Zealand for a few weeks, but have scheduled some things so that you won’t miss me too much and …

… hang on.

justmarried2Wait. Not you guys. I’m sorry, but the big heart-frames weren’t for you.

justmarried3Stop it. You’re supposed to be the evil monsters.justmarried4Guys no.justmarried5GUYS NO.end broadcastNsfw difliculties

29 responses to “BIG NEWS”

  1. cazcomicstrip Avatar
  2. Pistachios Avatar

    Very big news indeed! Congratulations!
    Any dragons and bears at the wedding?

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    1. betunada Avatar

      well, like Pistache: i hope so! (that there were dragunz ‘n bares @ the confab!)

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    2. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

      Thanks! None that I saw. I think they were busy elsewhere.

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  3. Jen Avatar

    Congratulations!!! Hope you have fun exploring New Zealand.

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  4. jule Avatar

    Congratulations! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and joy!

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  5. Claudia McGill Avatar

    Oh, such happy news! A long and joyful life is what I wish for you. And what a lovely honeymoon! Congratulations.

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  6. sjvernon Avatar

    It was hard to bear what you were dragon us into there…

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      1. sjvernon Avatar

        Yay! Is there a prize? :)

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      2. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

        Your prize is to know that you win. Bask in the glory.

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      3. sjvernon Avatar

        I’m going to go pour myself a cup of water and sit back and bask a little this evening then. :)

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  7. Marcy Erb Avatar

    Congrats congrats! Many happy returns and joy in your life together! Have a blast in NZ – pet a kiwi for me (in this case, meaning the bird, although feel free to pet the fruit too – but it is definitely best to ask permission before you pet a New Zealander) :D

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    1. silencekilledthedinosaurs Avatar

      Thank you! I certainly find asking permission is the best way to avoid jail time.


  8. Hira Avatar


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  9. BRH Avatar

    Congratulations!!! And your joy is so beautifully expressed!

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  10. Problems With Infinity Avatar

    Congrats!! Love the images!!!

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  11. Sophia Ball Avatar

    LOL! Amazing. (But you always are).


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  12. Avatar

    Hilarious!! :D

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