When Anxiety Attacks

super villain

11 thoughts on “When Anxiety Attacks

    1. I do like people, it’s just that sometimes under some circumstances they frighten me. But I’m psyched to hear your son is a fellow dinosaur enthusiast! Does he have a favourite one?

      1. So far , he is too young to actually know dinosaur’s different breed. But if you ask him , his favourite is “Green Dino” :D . These days , am bombarded with questions like “Mummy can we go and see dinosaur today” ,” Mummy , when will dino come in this movie” , and sometimes I have to pretend am scared when I hear big thud sound of footsteps from my baby dino :)

  1. I know how this poor blue dress lady feels. I think this is the best and most direct explanation of this process I’ve ever seen. I want to get some hedge clippers and trim Mr. Anxiety’s hair and see if that takes away his strength, for starters. Love this!

  2. Sadly, I’m like the guy in the last scene – although I’m improving. Being with someone for 23 years who suffers exactly what you’ve drawn has taught me a lot and you’ve distilled both sides of it perfectly.

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