Brace yourselves, winter is over


4 responses to “Brace yourselves, winter is over”

  1. Hira Avatar

    The monsoons too!

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  2. Pistachios Avatar

    I’ve been swooped by crows more often than magpies – possibly never swooped by a magpie before (that I can remember). Not sure if there’s something wrong with the birds in my area…

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      My dad befriended a crow once. It loved him and would sit on his shoulder, but it would come after me and peck my toes. So I wouldn’t put it past crows to swoop people.

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      1. Pistachios Avatar

        That’s so cool! (that your dad befriended a crow, not that it pecked at you) Crows are a bit cunning

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